NOT Russia, NOT Ukraine, NOT the Nazis, NOT the patriots, NOT NATO, NOT the UN, NOT the Middle East, NOT EVEN America, the so-called land of the FREE???!!!

  • It is NOT about the Left vs. the Right.
  • It is NOT about democrats vs. republicans.
  • It is NOT about Prince Harry vs. King Charles.
  • It is NOT about the vaxxed vs. the non-vaxxed.
  • It is NOT about Biden vs. Trump.
  • It is NOT about religion vs. mainstream spirituality.
  • It is NOT about gay vs. straight.
  • It is NOT about feminism vs. masculinity.
  • It is NOT about my truth vs. your truth.
  • It is NOT about veganism vs. Paleo.
  • It is NOT about... read more
28th January 2023

Below is the transcription of Gabor Harsanyi's interview on Conscious TV, which has been included in the book "Conversations on Awakening" By Iain and Renate McNay 

Conscious TV is a UK based TV channel broadcasting on the Internet and on various Satellite channels in the UK. Their quest is to stimulate debate, question, inquire, inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality. They have launched in the spring of 2008... read more

11th December 2019

Question: This presence doesn’t stay. I come in and out of it. How to stay in the NOW?

Nurit: I used to ask the same question. I had to come to the understandings that “presence” or the “NOW”, as such, do not really exist. Those are spiritual concepts that have been invented by the contrast mind. The only reason that presence seems to exist as a concept is because the past and future exist. Remove past and future and there is no present or “NOW”. I realized that what I was looking for is not in time, and the “here... read more

23rd August 2019

Gabor Harsanyi: The Meaning of Life – A Never Ending Revelation 


... read more

14th August 2019

Question: You recently said: “The enemy of unconditional love is the concept of unconditional love”. In my opinion, it's not really the CONCEPT of unconditional love that's the ENEMY, but our arbitrary interpretation of it. The meaning of "concept" is to grasp or to take in and hold. Without perception (taking in) and attention/observation (holding) we would be spiritually/intellectually doomed. Perhaps, this is what you meant?

Gabor: First of all, we are talking about a subject that has no established vocabulary and definitions that people agree upon. Words and expressions are in duality and the realm we are attempting to activate, and experience is not in duality.

I call... read more

15th March 2019

Gabor has had suicidal depression for over 12 years as a result of which he has had a profound spiritual awakening. Since then he has developed many techniques and practices and he now teaches inner silence and helps people heal depression. His methods are not just another spiritual bandage. He provides a path at the end of which there is not only no more depression, but there is a huge gift that comes with it, called awakening into a new and elevated platform of living. 

Gabor says, “The good news is that with depression one is already aware of existence. Depression... read more

15th March 2019

Come and join our new Facebook group, The Gabor Harsanyi - Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening Group. 

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Joining the group will give you access to regular updates from Gabor on his publications and videos, allow you to send your questions about awakening directly to Gabor, talk to other members and get the latest news on courses and retreats.

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Gabor Harsanyi is an awakening guide who initiates awakening and access to one... read more

4th July 2017

Gabor Harsanyi has just published his new book: Functional Silence: de-Mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted. This is a practical guide on awakening and will be invaluable reading if you're thinking of going on any courses or retreats with Gabor.

Here are some of the reviews for the book:

"This book is a goldmine of liberating hints and is a must read for anyone who is searching for guidance in this jungle of misleading information. I am simply delighted, I find the expressions and metaphors beautifully enlightening and simply helpful to anyone who wishes to escape from the slavery that we have been conditioned to believe to be freedom. I... read more

16th June 2017