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The initiation into presence with Gabor is partially an intellectual explanation and partially a practical application, with the specific purpose of extricating you from the complexity and busyness of your mind and introducing you to the essential nature of simplicity so that you may have a taste of your own presence.

The intellectual portion is where Gabor points out the seemingly important pieces of information, actions and beliefs that are blocking your progress towards awakening. On the practical side, he will be present with you, guide you into that space in which you are present as well, and hold you there as your inner being begins to recognize itself. Once the fundamental necessity of simplicity is understood and gotten, then the customized interactive work with Gabor begins, where he helps to protect you against the mind’s attacks.

The mind will attack the simplicity by bringing in reference points from the past and comparisons. It will diligently look through all its files to find some other reference that will invalidate the simplicity. It will desperately search for a timed, dramatic, effort-filled “doing” – the harder the better – that promises a future attainment that it can be proud of and that will grant it recognition. It requires this process to align with its habitual mentality which it has become addicted to through years of faulty education and repetition.

Gabor will help deal with the mind’s onslaughts by proxy during scheduled guidance sessions. On-going homework will be assigned and personal interaction will be encouraged even outside these scheduled meetings. This interactive practice of session and homework, session and homework, will last for as long as is needed, i.e., until the goal is reached, where your being recognizes itself and takes root in your body. The duration will differ for various people.To book a private session with Gabor, please send an email to:

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